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*Sober* = Essentially, when a person is Facing ReaLity, not in a "delusional degeneration" mind state, , ,

*Organic* = Personal LifeStyLe Honoring *HoListic, Organic, Energy Source Of Life* WE Are ALL Made From, is irrelevant if WE call *Primeval Source Of Life* "evolution" or "creator", , ,

   *BaLancing* = CuLtivating & Protecting Innocent Living Beings Birth-Right To Live HeaLthy, Happy Lives, , ,

   *Equitable* = Equal Birth-Rights, Same Worth, Equal Health Care, without unfair double standards, , ,

*ReLationships* = Continue CuLtivating HeaLthy ReLationships in ALL LeveLs, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Energetically, , ,

In Context Summary

Potential Guests can Participate, Investigate, VaLidate True Facts vs delusional degeneration, in complementary workshop video chat or in person, for more specific information, , ,




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